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Web Informatics & Mapping

Web Informatics & Mapping

Modern Web Development in support of delivering the best of the USGS to the public.

What is Web Informatics and Mapping?

Web Informatics and Mapping (WIM) develops web-based tools that support USGS science and other federal science initiatives. Our projects range from full-featured database applications to limited-scope data visualizations. WIM team members combine collective expertise in cartography, science, and web technology to create custom products that are practical, intuitive, and focused on our cooperators' needs.
Our work includes digital cartography, data visualization, data management, data analysis, and decision support. All of our applications are created with the latest web technology, including Angular and ArcGIS. You can view the code for our public projects on our GitHub at github.com/USGS-WIM. You can also view the frontend style guide WIM's applications use at wim.usgs.gov/styleguide.
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Who do we Work With?

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Interested in working with us?

Our projects vary widely in scale, scope, and budget. To work with us or find out more about the individualized services we offer, please contact us.

Lorraine Metz

Operations Coordinator


Hans Vraga

Project Manager

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